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Usmile™ Donut Toothbrush

Usmile™ Donut Toothbrush

💙 Guaranteed to reach all areas

🍒 Gentle on your kids teeth

🌟 Painless and Non-toxic

🦷 Encourages teeth brushing

💵 100% Money-Back Guarantee

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1-What are the benefits of using a U-shaped toothbrush?

  • The U-shaped toothbrush can clean all areas of the mouth, including the back teeth, and is 7x more effective than traditional toothbrushes.

2-How often should I replace the U-shaped toothbrush?

  • It is recommended by dentists to replace your U-shaped toothbrush every two to three months.

3-Is the U-shaped toothbrush suitable for people with braces?

  • Yes, the U-shaped toothbrush can be used by people with braces, as it can effectively clean around brackets and wires.


✔ Makes teeth brushing fun, fast, and easy

✔ Encourages independent teeth brushing

✔ Promotes kids' healthy habits

✔ Provides 360° degrees cleaning

✔ Made of safe and soft food-grade silicone material

✔ Cleans all teeth even those hard-to-reach ones in the back

✔ Kid-friendly size and design

✔ Non-slip handle design

✔ Clinically proven and approved by dentists


The Donut Brush is made of food grade silicone material which is 100% safe for your kids.

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Brushing Your Kid's Teeth Just Got Easier

🦷 Develops good brushing habits and reduces the occurrence of cavities.
🌱 Ingredients - U-shaped head made of food-grade silicone and soft for effective cleaning of your child's teeth.
👩‍⚕️ Dentist approved - This toothbrush is recommended by dentists and dental hygienists for its ability to promote optimal oral health.
🍩 Easy to Use - Easy grip handles provide comfort and control.
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What Makes Usmile Special

Find out why you should choose the Usmile Donut Toothbrush Instead of other toothbrushes.

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